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Sweet Treats

The first limited release in the new Malouf’s Mezza lokum range comprises three of the most popular and best-known flavours: rose, mint and orange blossom. Over the next six months this will be expanded to include more exotic flavours such as plum, quince, sour cherry, mulberry, passionfruit, pistachio and walnut varieties.
Lokum – or Turkish Delight as it’s better known in the West – was first created for the sultan in 18th century Istanbul, by the imperial confectioner Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir (whose very first lokum shop still exists, just outside the Spice Bazaar). The delectably soft and sweetly perfumed creation was a huge hit with the royal court and it wasn’t long before lokum’s popularity spread world-wide.

Greg’s lokum is hand-crafted using only the very best natural ingredients. Each ex- quisitely presented 450g box contains around 30 small pieces of confectionery. And as Greg says, ‘Don’t just think of it as something to enjoy with your after-dinner coffee. I also love to use lokum to garnish deserts or fruit platters. The colours glow like little jewels and the flavours explode on the palate.’

Malouf’s Mezza lokum is available at The Essential Ingredient, and fine food stores across Australia. For further information about retail outlets, see our distributors list.
Orange Blossom Delight
An intense citrus burst, delicately perfumed with a splash of floral orange blossom water. 450g box, RRP$14.95 Catering packs available...
Moroccan Mint Delight
Best quality spearmint makes this a more refreshing lokum. It’s the perfect after-dinner palate cleanser. 450g box, RRP$14.95 Catering packs available...
Sweet Rose Delight
The heady sweet fragrance of rose adds just the right exotic touch, without in any way overpowering. 450g box, RRP$14.95 Catering packs available...